As a neuroscientist and professor, Dr. Tepring has improved the health and wellbeing of people from children to older adults. Her work includes national efforts to help first responders and veterans suffering from traumatic brain injuries and mental health conditions. Dr. Tepring also researched the neurobiology and psychology of speech comprehension, and how it is affected by changes in hearing ability as we age. Her research has been awarded grants collectively exceeding $1 million from the U.S. Department of Defense, the American Heart Association, and the U.S. Army. In 2013, Dr.Tepring was recognized as a “Distinguished Fellow” by the California State Senate for her work as a Science and Technology Policy Fellow to expand access to services in low-income communities and combat climate change through HOV legislation.


The daughter of a teacher and granddaughter of Air Force service men, Dr. Tepring grew up in Sacramento, California. She came from a neighborhood that didn't value education, but her family absolutely did.  Dr. Tepring earned her undergrad degree in Computer Science from Georgetown University and her PhD in Neuroscience from Brandeis University.

She was a middle and high school math and science teacher serving communities in Sacramento and Los Angeles. She implemented new instructional methods to help students learn to read. Dr. Tepring is committed to improving public education and understands firsthand the challenges our teachers and students face. She serves on the Swirlss Board of Directors, a nonprofit that establishes partnerships with UCLA and Caltech to bring real lab experiences into high schools. She also serves on the UC Irvine Dean’s Leadership Council working to improve student mental health, education, and professional development. In 2016, UC Irvine honored Dr. Tepring during their 50th anniversary celebration of graduate success as one of the “Top 50 Graduate and Postdoctoral Scholar."


Dr. Tepring and her husband, Sgt. John Magallanes of the Long Beach Police Department, have made Rancho Park and their home. Tepring and John enjoy the local restaurant scene and socializing with friends. 

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March for Science - Los Angeles

#ScienceMatters #DiversityMatters #YOUMatter

Dr. Tepring has dedicated her life to defending equality, diversity, and inclusion. Her career demonstrates this commitment and passion from her work as co-chair of RAND Corporation’s Diversity and Inclusion Forum (ensuring more women, African-American, Asian and Latino professionals have opportunities to succeed), as a Board member of SACNAS (advancing Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in science) and as a volunteer supporting young women in science giving campus talks from elementary through graduate schools. For her dedication to others, Dr. Tepring was awarded “Mentor of the Year” by RAND in 2017.

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Career Background

RAND Corporation (Leave of Absence)

Policy Scientist

Brandeis University, PhD Neuroscience

Georgetown University, BS Computer Science

California Senate Human Services Committee

Science Fellow 

CalFresh, CalWorks, Supplemental Poverty Measure, Foster Care Youth Issues

University of California, Irvine

Postdoctoral Fellow
Neurobiology of Language

Renaissance Academy

High School Math Teacher


Diversity & Inclusion Co-Chair, RAND Corporation

Leadership Council, UC Irvine's Graduate Dean

President, Georgetown University's LA Alumni Association

Board Member, SWIRLSS