Informed by firsthand experience as a math and science teacher. As her career demonstrates, she will be committed putting the needs of the students first. She understand the challenges our teachers are facing in the classroom every day and will be an advocate for our students and teachers in the Assembly. Education is critical to our economic growth.


Dr. Tepring put herself through school with the support of scholarships, loans and a part-time job. She is committed to ensuring those grants are available for the next generation of students when they are ready to use them.

Affordable Housing

We must address our housing shortage and rising costs to make housing more affordable for hardworking people in Los Angeles. We should be protecting rent burdened tenants and developing housing that works for our diverse communities. As a scientist, I believe in looking at the facts and making thoughtful decisions based on data. The evidence in our state is clear—too many families are being priced out of their neighborhood and are forced to move away from their communities or out of state. By engaging with stakeholders, we can create communities that are environmentally friendly, do not displace community members and work for the future of our cities. I am certain we can reduce the cost of housing and help more working families raise their kids in here in Los Angeles.

Public Safety

One step toward a safer community is building trust and more partnerships between community groups and law enforcement. Working to ensure accountability and transparency and to incorporate new technology and training to effectively tackle crime. We should be equipping law enforcement with the tools and training that they need to treat everyone with dignity and respect, including training on how to deal with individuals with mental health issues.

Environmental Impact

While Congress empowers and emboldens climate change deniers and the President continues to undermine work to address the threats of climate change, we must work to ensure that California is at the forefront of reducing our carbon footprint and minimizing the impact of greenhouse gases in the years to come. Dr. Tepring has worked for the California State Senate to advance HOV legislation that incentivized electric vehicle use and reduced combustion engine use. She will continue to provide fresh ideas rooted in science to help mitigate the impact of climate change on our environment.

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