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314 Action, pro-science advocacy organization 

National Latino Peace Officers Association
Long Beach Police Officers' Association

El Segundo Police Officers' Association
Transgender Rights Movement

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Elected Officials

Congressman Jerry McNerney
Assemblymember Jim Cooper
Assemblymember Tom Daly
Assemblymember Jim Frazier
Assemblymember Adam Gray
Assemblymember Tim Grayson
Assemblymember Jacqui Irwin
Assemblymember Rudy Salas



Bishop Noel Jones, City of Refuge*

Regina Lark

Charles De Cuir

Renee Low

Melissa Blackman

Aaron Mitchell

Mike Fauzy

Joey Pascual

Marion Kerr

Kelsey Knapp

David Garcia

Asya Spears

Jason Sample

Kyleanne Hunter

Gulrez Azhar

Afreen Azhar

Jennie Wenger

Jeffrey Wenger

Susan Nellis

Mark Gorton

Jon Friedman

Priscilla Lorenz-Lohn

Andrew Lohn

Brad DeBlois

Dahlia Goldfeld

Dan Blau

Ron Hunter

Jon Colmenares

Nick De Lisio

Tom Szayna

Di Spencer

Endy Daehner

Brian Russel Davis

Luanne Rohrbach

Christopher Lay

Anthony Castelletto

DC Palter

Charles De Cuir

Gordon Blacknell

*Organization named for identification purposes only

Bishop Noel Jones

City of Refuge

Di Spencer

Workplace Specialist

"Over the last few years, I've had the pleasure of mentoring and working with Tepring in planning our Annual Black History Month & Kwanza Celebrations. Tepring has a beautiful  heart, giving spirit and great concern for humankind. I know she will represent us well and will have a huge impact to our community. She has been a strong advocate for diversity and is the model for what it means to be a leader in our community. I know Tepring will represent us well, our needs at home as an Assemblywoman. I'm a resident of Leimert Park for over 30 years."

Kyleanne Hunter

Marine Corps Combat Veteran

"Dr. Piquado's work to improve the quality of care for wounded warriors has been invaluable. When our servicemen and women come home, it’s important they know they have a compassionate champion working for them."

Jason Sample


"Dr. Piquado is a longtime advocate for youth and students. Her experience in the classroom gives her insight into the challenges that students, teachers, and parents face, and why we need someone like her in Sacramento to champion education."

Gulrez Azhar


“My kids' education is the most important thing to me. I trust Dr. Tepring Piquado to use her experience in the classroom to safeguard their education and set them up for success.”

Asya Spears

Graduate Student

"As a student, I am very concerned with paying for my education and it’s important to me that Dr. Tepring understands what I'm going through. I trust that Dr. Tepring will fight to protect state funding for education as our Assemblywoman."

Priscilla Lorenz-Lohn


“Women have made tremendous gains in the workplace recently, but we must keep going. I trust Dr. Tepring Piquado to ensure that women continue to be treated as equals in diverse workplaces."

Jennie Wenger


“Global climate change is impacting California, and will continue to do so. I trust Dr. Tepring Piquado to make the right decisions that will protect Californians.”

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